Friday, 27 June 2014

BEASTS - Isle of Wight Festival (2014)

Here is the latest instalment of our Summer Series of festival videos with Beasts. This time we spent the whole weekend with them over at the Isle of Wight Festival which was headlined by Biffy Clyro, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Kings Of Leon.

Beasts found themselves being the penultimate band on the Hard Rock Rising stage on Saturday evening only to be followed on stage by our video buddies Bleech! In this episode we see how the band utilise their down time traveling down on Friday meant we could make the most of the weekend, and certainly made it a more relaxing affair for the Band, Crew, and Friends.

With plenty of sun tan lotion, fairground rides and a lot of Rock and Roll to enjoy, Please enjoy our latest video below!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Rock For Children (Rock FC) - Football United The World

It's been so busy at Fenixx HQ lately that we've only found the time to update our Blog with a few recent projects we've been working on!

As we all know we are midway through the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and it is always a custom to have a few football songs floating around this time. While many are just for purely for fun and all in the spirit of getting involved, there are some videos that come with a really powerful cause behind it.

Introducing "Football United The World" the brain child of LostAlone's Steve Battlle and Dan Weller who we had the pleasure of filming with Beasts towards the end of last year. A powerful rock anthem of a football song were every penny made goes towards helping children in Brazil through Street Child World Cup in association with Save The Children.

We couldn't resist helping out editing this video together as it featured a great number of some of our favourite bands! Enter Shikari, Kids in Glass Houses, Skindred, Marmozets, Baby Godzilla, Blitz Kids, Itch, Verses, Natives, The First, Fearless Vampire Killers, Beasts, Rob Lynch, Only Rivals and A Loss For Words all taking part in this fun record which was mostly recorded at the Slam Dunk Festival earlier this Summer.
With that superstar roster of bands, fantastic support by famous faces in the music industry and Sport Personalities alike, please enjoy below #footballunitedtheworld

Make sure you click through to the website, download the single and make a donation!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

King Lizard - Behind The Scenes at Sofar Sounds, London

Recently we teamed up again with King Lizard for the first time since December 2013 where we filmed them on tour in Tel Aviv, Israel.

This time we were back in London to film a very exclusive behind the scenes video of them performing as the first hard rock band booked to do Sofar Sounds. (

For those who are unaware what Sofar Sounds are about, they travel all over the globe visiting a wide range of cities providing secret intimate unplugged gigs in peoples living rooms, with only subscribed members given a tip off to where these secret locations are.

It was an extremely unusual but musically surreal experience as we were graced with some incredibly talented artists, unplugged and raw for a wonderfully focused audience.


Thursday, 5 June 2014

Felix Magath World Cup Interviews

A few months ago we started a project with Marathon Bet where we were invited to Fulham's training ground for sit down with Felix Magath (43 caps, West Germany) to film an interview with him about his past experiences as a player in World Cup tournaments ('82, '86) and his predictions for this years FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Of course due to the content these videos they were rightfully held off from release till World Cup fever kicked in. Check out the playlist below from Marathon Bet's YouYube to see the new videos being uploaded daily.

Overall there are 9 videos focused on a variety of hopeful World Cup Finalists, a few to mention are England, Portugal, Brazil, Germany. In particular, the Germany video which is a nice watch, as you see Felix showing his love and passion for that team that he has a special personal connection with.


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Beasts - Camden Rocks Festival (2014)

With the festival season now starting to kick into full force, and Beasts' upward momentum showing no sign of a decline any time soon, we filmed their latest instalment of their Mini-Docs at a recent appearance at Camden Rocks.

This episode showcases a clear transitional period that the band are going through with press starting to pick up and take notice of the progression they are taking. This appearance at Camden Rocks believe it or not, came off the back of their previous appearance at The Great Escape, with the organisers managing to catch a glimpse of them down at Brighton's famed festival and subsequently added them to the bill playing as main support to Baby Godzilla.

What is clear in this edition of the Beasts festival videos is that not everything can be smooth sailing, as you shall see midway through their set. The video is featuring on Art Rocker.

We hope you enjoy this latest edition, and hopefully you can join us at the next one. Which will be the Isle of Wight Festival! 


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Beasts - The Great Escape Festival (2014)

During The Great Escape Festival we found ourselves multi-tasking. Not only were we filming interviews for Raw Meat, we also regrouped with Beasts at the festival to film another documentary/fly on the wall styled video similar to the recording sessions when Beasts teamed up with Dan Weller.

With the added element of touring which will be the first in a series of festival videos this summer with Beasts, we headed down to Brighton and filmed which was their first festival appearance of 2014.

The format see's us showcase very briefly at the start what Brighton is about, and we filmed through the soundcheck under the watchful eye of Daniel P Carter of Radio 1, their pre-show warm ups, the set itself and interviewed the lads about the progress the band has been making since being in the studio recording 'Annie' and 'What You Want' back in December.

Take a look at the video link below, hope you enjoy it!


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Raw Meat - God Damn @ The Great Escape Festival

Our second interview at The Great Escape festival for Raw Meat was with the guitar and drum duo, God Damn. We spoke to them about toilet erotica and what they love about the current music scene.

Remember to subscribe to their YouTube Channel.